Putt-Rite 3-Zone Practice Exercise

The Putt-Rite 3-Zone Practice Exercise

Other than making a few putts on the practice green before embarking on a round of golf, many golfers don't really invest much time or effort on putting practice.  This is an unfortunate oversight, because putting offers one of the fastest and most substantial opportunities to reduce your golf score.  The Putt-Rite Speed Trainer and the 3-Zone practice exercise were developed to help you practice putting efficiently and effectively.  More important, the Putt-Rite 3-Zone Exercise provides a disciplined practice routine that is easy to follow and will motivate you to devote the time necessary to dramatically improve your putting.  Let's look at each of the 3 putting zones and how the Putt-Rite Speed Trainer can help you improve in each zone:

    Over time, you can modify the 3-Zone practice exercise to accommodate your available time and your own skill level, and practice more or fewer putts from each zone and from varying and longer distances.  Whether you practice for 5 minutes, 15 minutes, half an hour or an hour, every bit of practice with the Putt-Rite Speed Trainer is going to yield real improvement in your putting skills – and you’re going to see it in your scores and in your enjoyment of the game!