A 6+ Inch Hole!

The most powerful feature of the Putt-Rite Speed Trainer is that it can help you effectively INCREASE the capture size of the cup!

Putts within the Zone 2 area, from 6' to 20' from the cup, are putts that with practice and increased skill you can make much more frequently.  Doing this requires that you understand a basic principle of physics, namely the relationship between gravity and momentum.

Although the cup is 4.25" in diameter, gravity will cause a ball that is placed slightly less than 1 inch outside the cup to fall into the cup.  This means that effectively, the capture diameter of the hole can be 6 inches or more.  However, if there is any amount of momentum on the ball, it will overcome gravity and carry the ball slightly around and out of the cup (lip-out).   Although in the past some instructors have recommended putting as much as 18" past the hole, this practice effectively REDUCES the size of the hole from 4.25" to about 3.75", and increases the chances of lipping out.  That's why Putt-Rite encourages you to die-putt balls that lie within the Zone 2 area. 

 The Center-Hole Concept:  To maximize your chances of sinking a Zone 2 putt and avoiding lip-outs, you can use the Putt-Rite Speed Trainer to practice putting at precisely the speed that carries the ball just to the center of the hole, allowing gravity to do its job - and giving you a bigger target!