Improve Speed Control and Green Reading

Introducing the Putt-Rite Speed Trainer

SPEED matters most because it DETERMINES...

Capture Size of the Hole

A putt with the optimal speed increases the "capture size" of the hole to 6 inches. Excess speed SHRINKS the capture size. The commonly-held belief that a putt should roll 18" past the hole actually reduces the capture size of the hole to about 3.75 inches.

Amount of Break

Since 92% of 1st putts are breaking putts, reading the green is critical. Speed determines read!  Refine your ability to combine optimal speed and break, and you'll sink more putts.

Distance of Your Next Putt

Poor speed control is the #1 cause of dreaded 3-putts and embarrassing 4-putts! - For the average golfer, a follow-up putt from 5 feet carries a 50% risk of being missed.

Picture of Dr. Jim Suttie.

Endorsed by Dr. Jim Suttie: Golf Digest's Top 20 Instructors

Putt-Rite Speed Trainer named to Golf Digest's "Cool Stuff at 2018 PGA Merchandise Show"

The Putt-Rite Speed Trainer was created by Golf Digest and WGTF Top Instructor and USGTF Master Teaching Professional Seth Dichard to help his students master the art of putting speed.

Inserted into the practice green cup, the patent pending Putt-Rite Speed Trainer provides golfers with immediate feedback to help them refine distance control, letting them discover the optimum speed for both straight and breaking putts.


Putting is the Overlooked Opportunity!

Testimonials from the Pros

The Putt-Rite Speed Trainer is one of the aids I use often when teaching a student about putting speed.  I LOVE it because gives you instant feedback about speed and distance control. Speed is hard to teach but the Putt-Rite Speed Trainer makes it easy and it helps. 

Hal Sutton: 14-Time PGA Tour Winner

Speed control is critical in making putts and the Putt-Rite Speed Trainer will help players of all abilities improve this aspect of their game. It's a fabulous aid and I know I will benefit from using it.

Katherine Kirk: LPGA Tour Player

"Stop Faking and Start Making!" Instead of practicing next to the cup and gauging your speed-learn real capture speed AT the hole using the Putt-Rite Speed Trainer.

Joe Hallett: PGA Coach to several LPGA Tour Players including Stacy Lewis

The Putt-Rite Speed Trainer is a great training device to help all golfers learn the correct speed. It's simple and effective to use and is small enough to fit in your golf bag.  

Mike Bentley: Blast Motion Putting & Swing Analyzers

Using the Putt-Rite Speed Trainer has helped me immensely with my putting. It has opened my eyes to see how I read my putts, and now the hole feels like the size of a dinner plate. 

Christina Kim: 3-Time LPGA Tour Winner

The Putt-Rite Speed Trainer is a great tool to have to improve your putting. Speed is the key when it comes to putting. The trainer gives you instant feedback on how you can make the hole bigger by improving your speed.  

Alison Walshe: LPGA Tour Player

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