Using the Trainer

How to insert and remove the Trainer:

The Putt-Rite Speed Trainer (patent pending) is designed to fit firmly into the top of the cup, level with the surface of the green. 

To insert the Trainer into the hole, tilt the Trainer slightly and press the lower edge into one side of the cup.  While pressing forward, slowly press the back side of the Trainer downward, being careful not to disturb the edge of the hole.  Press gently around the circumference of the Trainer until it is level with the surface of the green.  
Because there is some variation in the way putting holes are cut and maintained, you may need to install the rubber band around the Trainer to ensure a snug fit if the hole has been slightly enlarged.

To remove the Trainer from the hole, use the handy tee-tool that was provided with your Trainer, hooking it through the center hole of the Trainer and lifting gently to extract the Trainer from the cup.


The Putt-Rite Speed Training method divides the putting green into three zones, with specific practice goals for each zone:

Zone 1:  Putts inside of 6 feet from the hole

Goal:  Hitting a putt that rolls 9-12" past the hole to minimize break and to avoid leaving a short putt short.

Zone 2:  Putts between 6 feet and up to 20 feet outside the hole

Goal:  Dying putts to the center of the hole to maximize the capture size of the hole. This maximizes the chances of 1-putting while minimizing the chances of 3-putting.

Zone 3:  Putts beyond 20 feet from the hole

Goal:  Lag putts to less than 10% of the starting distance from the hole to ensure you can make the follow-up putt.



Using the two sides of the Trainer

The Putt-Rite Speed Trainer (patent pending) has a flat side to provide speed feedback and a lipped side to help you practice precision die-putting.  You can use your Trainer to practice putts from all three Zones, helping you to improve your putting from anywhere on the green!

Flat Side: For Zone 1 and Zone 3 speed control practice


The flat side of the trainer allows you to see how far your putt would have gone past the hole if it hadn't fallen into the hole.  A slight miss with an overly aggressive putt is a sure formula for the dreaded 3-putt!

Practicing with the flat side of the Trainer is a fantastic way to get a feel for the speed of the green for shorter Zone 1 putts and for longer Zone 3 putts.



Lipped side: For Zone 2 die putt practice


The lipped side of the Trainer will help you become skillful at putting in Zone 2. Precision die putting (putting to the center of the hole) will effectively increase the capture size of the hole from 4.25" to more than 6" by eliminating the momentum that defeats gravity and causes putts to "lip out" of the hole.   Putts hit with too much speed will roll out of the trainer, letting you know the putt was struck too firmly.

You will find it both challenging - and fun - and you'll be amazed at how quickly your die-putts in Zone 2 improve!